mercoledì, giugno 14, 2006

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Rice rice baby

Unbelievably ridiculous. Remember the famous rice cookers that fidel so magnanimously doled out last year to take attention away from the misery that Cubans live with? The same rice cookers that were supposed to "pay for themselves with energy savings?"

Well, notwithstanding the fact that the rice cookers are basically useless because A) there aint no power and B) a pound of rice a month for a family of four only goes so far, the castro regime is now hunting down all those who havent paid for the useless contraptions:

Consumers who haven't paid for rice cookers will be fined

HAVANA, Cuba - June 9 (Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia, Jóvenes sin Censura / - Consumers who bought one of the rice cookers the government put on sale three months ago and who haven't paid for them in full will be fined, according to signs posted in retail establishments in San Miguel del Padrón municipality in Havana.

"All those citizens who haven't paid for the rice cooker will be fined," read the sign at the grocery store in Delicias del Diezmero.

The rice cookers were pushed by the government as an energy-saving measure and offered to consumers on terms.

Evidently some haven't been able to make all the payments, although at the time Cuban President Castro said the cookers would basically pay for themselves with energy savings and an increase in salaries that he announced at the same time.

fidel castro: Rice cooker repo man.

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