domenica, giugno 18, 2006

Cubans join Farinas in hunger strike - Babalu Blog:

Cubans join Farinas in hunger strike

I have only a fragment of the story and no link but dozens of people across Cuba have joined Guillermo Farinas in his hunger strike to protest the end of Internet access. The protests are spreading like wildfire across various provinces, EFE reported, citing an e-mail from someone in the know.

Farinas has been on a hunger strike for four months now and is in a very fragile state. That word has gotten out, and caught fire among freedom-deprived, and already-food-deprived Cubans tells us a lot about the depth of intensity that Cubans feel about the loss of their basic freedoms.

Imagine being a Cuban, deprived of everything as castro's minions grow fat and oppressive. Imagine never having enough to eat anyway, always WANTING your next bowl of split pea soup ... and being willing to give even that meagre fare up just to stand up for freedom. It is deeply moving.

castro has got to know about this ... and be very displeased. The entire Island is going to join Guillermo Farinas if this keeps up.

An astonishing and humbling development to behold.

Cuban people's bravery is something that goes unknown to any of us here in the free world. Unless we look.

UPDATE: I found the EFE link to the story - read it here.

Babalu Blog: Cubans join Farinas in hunger strike