giovedì, giugno 22, 2006

Cubanology, el mejor blog anticastrista - Martha Comenares

The best Blogs about the dictatorship Castro in Internet.


Anti-Fidel International Blogs
This is a collection of real meaningful, Anti-Castro, Anti-Communism and Anti-Dictatorship Blogs on the internet
“Most of these Blogs are Cuban-American or Latin-American. I have recently decided to concentrate on Blogs located in Central and South America also, so I could support their struggle for "Freedom". I feel we are in the same situation and need to help each other also”

The Blog Ya No Mas. Hate Castro
Hate Castro
This blog is about the dictatorship Castro runs over cuba and the Human Right Violations that denies Cubans their basic rights. All Americans, and our allies around the world to recognize that we all agree that the Cuban regime has betrayed its people politically and failed them economically. I encourage all the lovers of liberty in the world to join this crusade for the freedom of Cuba and all political prisoners in Cuba.

The blog El Cafe Cubano
Coffee talk for a FREE CUBA
You won't believe this!: Felix Wilson, Cuban Ambassador in the Bahamas, has an article in the Nassau Guardian. Now before we get into this, sit down before you hurt yourself!

El blog de los Presos Politicos