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Castro's Artificial Internet News Agency - Cubanology

Castro's Artificial Internet News Agency

By José Reyes

Cuba's internet news agency is becoming one of the most non-informative and most irresponsible news agency in the world, falsely reporting the news within the country and fabricating lies to the world. These leftist internet news agencies in Cuba are a mirror image of its periodical publications and of there bias communist propaganda. Propaganda is all they are publishing, there is no equal treatment of opinions because opinions are not allowed unless they satisfy the strict guidelines put down by the corrupted Castro regime. The most essential goal of any news agency is to report all the pros and cons related to any story, to report the facts and to investigate all the accusations that are being made. Instead, the Cuban press is presenting Cuba as a healthy, self reliant country with a strong future and a good humanitarian presence. I invite everyone to read and review all the Cuban websites so you can observe for yourself exactly where I am coming from. Go to and take a look at the news they are reporting, look at the banners throughout the whole website. The news you read is all one-sided, all anti-democracy and of course all anti-American. For example, in, click on the languages (On the top), you will see how they place specific articles that benefit their pro-communist propaganda for the respected communist audience of these countries. Even the banners they use are chosen very carefully. This is suppose to be a "translated" versions but instead it's a manipulation of the news. They never report anything about the hardships and the injustices occurring in Cuba. All the anti-Castro demonstrations, all the poverty, all the prisoners of conscience, all the corruption, all the prostitution, all the racial issues, all the drug trafficking all the mismanagement of funds, and all the abuse of freedom towards the Cuban citizens.

Go ahead read all the "news" these agencies are producing but after you are finished, to be fair, read these websites and then draw your own conclusions:

NetforCuba CubaNet.Org Anti-FidelBlogs

ReportersWithoutBorders State.Gov PrisonersOverseas

After words if you are hesitant to believe or you need more "facts" for absolute proof, then ask, demand from them all, pro-Castro or anti-Castro news agencies, the absolute facts, the absolute proof. I'm sure you are going to get a response from the anti-Castro websites and I'm sure you are not going to recieve any sort of response from the Castro regime. All the Castro controlled Cuban news agencies are concerned about is communism and tourism, read this article about the Hotel National , then think about the people in Cuba who have to ration their food. Here is the official Website of the Hotel National All you read about in Cuban websites is useless, unimportant news. Maybe this is how they would rather be seen as, so people would not be so interested in what is really happening in Cuba, maybe that is why Americans and many others around the world are not so aware of what is occurring in Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia at the present time. Maybe its just tourism that the Castro regime is interested in relaying to the world.

A good example of Cuba's bias reporting of the news is the case of journalist Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez, who was arrested about 5 months ago and is on a hunger strike since then, all because he wanted to go online and communicate to the world about the torture system that Castro regime runs. There is no news about this, or about the other journalists who are doing 20+ jail terms for expressing their negative opinions on the way Castro disastrous revolution has destroyed the island of Cuba. Why do we have to go to other news agencies or websites to learn the truth of what is occurring in Cuba today. How could Castro travel around the world preaching his utopian communist ideas, preaching how fair he is towards his citizens, how humanitarian his regime is to all the innocent prisoners, when he cannot back it up with facts. Let the people around the world find out for themselves. Give all the news agencies the freedom to roam around and report "everything" that is happening in Cuba now and for the last 47 years.

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