martedì, gennaio 24, 2006



There’ve been numerous ‘acts of repudiation’ against peaceful freedom fighters across Cuba in the last few days.

On last Saturday, Tania Nicolás Bernardo , member of the Femenine Movement “Martha Abreu” was savagely beaten by a terrorist mob made up with plainclothes agents of the Castroite militias. It occurred in a public street in Santa Clara, following a peaceful march of Tania alongside other activists, who were distributing copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, brochures with the word “Change” and other dissident material, to the people. Yesterday, other activists of such movement marched peacefully in Villa Clara in solidarity with the new victims of this wave of terror. The women reitered their pledge to keep fighting and said that no major force will be able to stop the brave women. Listen to the report from independent journalist Guillermo Fariñas Hernández in Santa Clara.

Yesterday, 50 members of governamental militias held an ‘act of repudiation’ against the Matanzas spokesman for the “Alternative Option Movement”. ” About 50 oppressors started shouting obscenities at me , such as ‘terrorist’, ‘mercenary’ plus other insults and threats, such as that of making my life harder by monitoring everything I do and organizing daily acts of public disorder against me. Despite all this, I’ll continue to denounce what’s going on in Cuba and attending dissident meetings”. Listen to his report from Matanzas.

On last Sunday, december 22, fascist mobs led by the political police held an ‘act of repudiation’ against peaceful opponents members of the “Alternative Option Movement”. The communist party and state security agents recruited employees, students and workers and forced them to sign a document in which they wrote that they’d participate in this terrorist act. The document stated that, in case they wouldn’t have participated, they’re going to loose their job and the students might be expelled from their universities.
The mob started shouted insults and obscenities at the freedom fighters,such as “dogs”, “murderers”, “negros” ( “blacks”, a racist insult shouted by people belonging to a regime the Western leftists claim is ‘anti-racist’ ..) and bad words about the Bible and the Gospel. Later, they issued death threats against Juan Sigler Amaya and her elder mother, who was hospitalized. Neighbors and citizens who seen such aggression were seen angry at the mob and some even advised the dissidents to take arms against the fascists.

Despite the ‘act of repudiation’, the dissidents celebrated their meeting along with members of other movements like the “Association of Political Prisoners Pedro Luis Boitel” and the “Peace, Love and Freedom Movement”. Eyewitnesses said that the celebration of the meeting in spite of the violence was another defeat of the communist regime.
Click here to hear the report.

Finally, the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society issued a statement calling on the international community to pay close attention to what’s going on in Cuba before things worsen. Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello reads the statement from Havana.

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