venerdì, gennaio 27, 2006

Another boring day at the bunker

Another boring day at the bunker: "

Raul, coño, agarrame a esos dos cabrones!!!!
(Raul, dammit, get your hands on those two mo'fuckers!)
Well, we've been getting word and updates of whatever happens in that jobsite across the street from the USIS. Do you know what street I am taking about? Wall Street, in Havana, since the tyranosaurius rex own words were: let's build a wall to block that fucking ticker!
So we knew when concrete and steel were being delivered to the site, and that after lunchbreak there was wild welding going on. And that there are goons checking for cameras and for clandestine cell phones. There's word also that workers are toiling under surveillance of trusted party members and that there's some rotation in the construction crew to keep everything shrouded in mystery.
But unfortunately for him, we get our reports!
By the way, this afternoon after the welding frenzy, a bunch of tubing was being put in place, in a flag pole like fashion. They are close together, suggesting that they actually can be something else, who knows what, and they could see moving under the Malecon breeze.
talking about the breeze, people have been discouraged from stopping or sitting on the seawall in the area. Today it was windy, so the tubes moved quite a bit. Good thing it was overcast, and cool, because working on Mal"