martedì, gennaio 31, 2006

Arrogance and stupidity go hand in hand

Arrogance and stupidity go hand in hand: "The arrogance of the Boneman is legendary. His ego is so huge, that it cover his stupidity, but with a very sheer veil. The tyrant is naked.
Look at this photograph, published by both Babalu and The Real Cuba:

The photographer shows the flagpoles covering the building. Maybe he/she is a mainstream media tool, or a photographer in kastro's payroll.
The fact that it shows them covering the facade of the building doesn't mean that they would cover the building -and much less the ticker.
One only needs to figure basic geometry, a trigonometry exercise from the times of High School to realize that from a determined vintage point, and only from very defined area the flagpoles will partially cover the ticker. The second you step a few inches out of that area, well, you are looking at the ticker again.
Is he going to wall off the whole building? Is he going to forbid people to stroll down Malecon? Is he going to condemn the windows of every neighboring building?
USIS 1, kagasstro 0.
Still, the USIS have the ball in its court. Now they can place another ticker higher up, around the building, or in the roof or on the other side. Or they can project messages on the clouds, as it's done in any carnival or fair in Middle America on these days.
As Val Prieto points "