lunedì, gennaio 02, 2006

Llamadas desde Cuba via Venezuela ... sin pagar?

Kuba + Venezuela = 1 USA = 0 (the commies winning)
Yesterday I got a VERY weird phone call on my cell phone.
It was of my family members giving me a semi complete phone number to call immediately (from my cell phone) and it would be free.
Now, this being one of the younger members of my family I thought it was a joke but then I realized, how the hell was she able to call ME directly from Cuba without the call being made collect ????
Very strange I thought, so I wrote down the number.. tried to call (even tho the number was only 7 digits long and that is NOT a full phone number anywhere in the world.
Well I called and I got a busy signal, no dialing error just a busy signal, the same signal you get when you call Kuba and the lines are congested.
The fact that only 7 digits actually got me SOMEPLACE was weird enough.
So I was not able to talk to them.
This morning I am looking at my received call log and noticed something very strange:
The call I had from Kuba was preceded by a full international phone number
I called T-MOBILE and asked how this could be. Now this gets interesting. The logs on the T-MOBILE computer DO show the 7 digit (incomplete) number
But do NOT show the FULL international number. The fellow was intrigued enough to check with engineering and the only answer he could get is that these could be a “hacked” call – He really couldn’t explain how that is done and I don’t think he would tell me if he knew.
The moment he mentioned “HACKED” I admitted to the guy that this call had been made from Kuba,. Now he REALLY gets weiarded out and tells me that no calls can be made from Kuba to ANY USA phone directly much less a cell phone!
Well someone DID and the number they gave me to call ( and that T-MOBILE had on record) permitted to call Kuba for free as long as you used a CELL PHONE!
Since there was really not much he could do with a 7 digit number and the FULL international number that preceded the short number that appeared on their records was NOT in their records, we left it at that.
So, I dialed the full international number and get a busy signal also, now I check the country code of the incoming international code, 58. Well what do ya know VENEZUELA!
Holly shit I thought Kuba is calling the USA via cell phone by routing the calls through VENEZUELA!!!!! So in my logic
Cubans dial the USA as if the call was coming from some province in VENEZUELA. How they hack the fact that the call seems to be coming from Venezuela (to the USA carrier) must be the hacked part. Why it does show on MY cell phone I have NO idea!
So somehow Kuba has found a way to call directly from Cuba cell phones in the USA. This is good news and REALLY bad news. Good news if your family can call you directly for free. REALLY bad news if KaSStro has found a way to calling cell phones of Kuban agents in the USA and the USA is incapable of stopping it or even tracing it.
Now, I would call the FBI and report this , but they in typical FBI fashion will just hang up on me. So this is a heads up
If you see a call and the caller ID shows a + and only 7 numbers following that it is coming from Kuba. Now check your call log and you will see that in fact there were TWO calls and one begins with +58 the country code of VENEZUELA !

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