venerdì, gennaio 27, 2006

Nazism, tropical variety

Nazism, tropical variety: "Walls of isolation is the only thing that the government of kagasstro has managed to build in the last forty seven years.
The mystery project that they are building today took a predicted turn: they tore the street asphalt and dug up the parking lot of the USIS. The construction machinery -as one hour ago- was almost on the sidewalk of the USIS and barely a few feet away from the fence that surrounds the building.
The American personnel of the USIS will have to park a few blocks down the street, and that will expose them to the mobs that kagasstro employs as his terrorist arm.
Also, the elimination of the parking lot amounts to an attempt to disrupt the normal activities of the USIS.
The information we are getting is that the construction workers employed on the site were substituted by a brigade of proven loyalty to kagasstro, and they are from the Eastern provinces. There's construction going on now, they are working in two shifts of 12 hours each and food is being delivered to the site. The workers are brought to the site in buses, and they leave in the same fashion, what seems to indicate that they are kept in barracks somewhere.
The ticker is functioning.
The public has been forbidden to walk around that area or to sit on the Malecon sea wall facing the construction site.
There are banks of lights -fascist"