venerdì, gennaio 27, 2006

Myths and Realities in Castro's Cuba

Myths and Realities in Castro's Cuba: "It's not the embargo......

From netforcuba

Jaime Suchlicki*

Myth # 1: fidel castro was a naïve, Robin Hood revolutionary when he reached power.

• fidel castro was a seasoned revolutionary by the time he reached power in 1959.
• He had received military training during preparations in Cuba in 1947 for an expedition against Dominican Republic’s dictator Rafael Trujillo.
• He participated in the violence that rocked Colombian society in 1948 and distributed anti-U.S. propaganda in Bogota.
• While in jail in 1954 in Cuba, he instructed one of his allies: “smile at everyone, later there will be time enough to crush all the roaches together.” Castro later revealed that he had read Lenin and became an admirer of the Russian revolutionary.
• While in the mountains, fighting the Batista dictatorship in 1958, castro wrote: “my real destiny when I reach power is to fight the U.S.”

Myth # 2: The U.S. pushed castro and the Cuban revolution into the Soviet camp.

• In 1959 castro was an anti-American leader seeking to transform Cuba and remain in power indefinitely.
• He sought and received Soviet support to achieve his political agenda.
• The Soviets introduced nuclear missiles in Cuba to alter the balance of power in t"