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Babalu Blog: Because truth cant be refuted (Updated)

Because truth cant be refuted (Updated)

So, today's planned march is underway. Thousands of fidel castro's slaves marching in Havana in front of the US Interests Section in protest of the news ticker recently installed that runs the UN Declaration of Human Rights for all Cubans to see.

Of course, castro countered with the protest and calls for...wait for it... wait for it...Posada Carriles to be brought to justice. Because, you know, when you cant win an argument with truth, you try to direct attention away from it. Thus, Posada Carrilles, the new castro crutch.

And then there's this beautiful thing:

The sign was activated as Castro began speaking in front of the building Tuesday morning, relaying global news and quotes including Abraham Lincoln's: "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent."

Castro glanced up at the building, saying, "They already turned on the little sign -- the cockroaches are brave," before starting his speech.

I absolutley freaken LOVE IT. Parmly and company waiting until fidel castro began his speech to turn on the news ticker. And fidel, of course, gracious and eloquent as ever. Subjected to calling the Americans, the very same people he buys over 75% of his food from, the very same people he wants and prays come to visit Cuba as tourists, cockroaches.

Got that my anglo friends? fidel castro says you are all cockroaches. As proud gusanos, worms, we exiled Cubans welcome you to the insect world.

MORE: Here's another beautiful tidbit from ABC News:

Even as Castro spoke, the ticker sprang to life with news interspersed between messages such as, "only in totalitarian societies do governments talk at their people and never listen."


MORE: From the Miami Herald:

The U.S. Interest Section says it only makes sense: ''if the point is to reach people, why not turn it on when a million people are cruising by?'' a U.S. official said.

Are the folks at the US Interests Section kicking some serious ass down there or what?

UPDATE: Of course, as with everything Cuba related, the good feelings are short lived. Mary Murray, Havana Bureau producer for NBC News, writes an entire article on the protests sparked by the news ticker and only in the very last paragraph does she mention the news ticker itself. the rest is a simple foillowing of the master's voice: Posada Carriles, ad nauseum. I wont quote the piece, but here's the link.

I took the liberty of shooting off the following email to Ms. Murray:

Ms. Murray,

As usual and in keeping with the mainstream media's penchant to coddle the dictator of Cuba for over forty years, you allowed yourself to be manipulated into missing the point of today's protest in Havana altogether. The gathering was called - a forced gathering as you very well know if you live in Havana and have taken the time to speak to Cubans - to protest the US Interests Section's recently installed news ticker. Of course, being that the news ticker runs mainly news and quotes from such figures a Walessa and Havel and MLK and Lincoln, along with the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the castro government cannot retort, thus, it focuses on Posada Carriles. A simple ploy of distraction and you fell for it.

You devoted a good ninety percent of your piece to fidel castro's remarks and Posada Carriles, a story we have heard ad nauseum and ad infintum for months. And only in the very last paragraph did you get to the reality of the story, but only scratching the surface. the truth is that Cubans with access to real news from the outside, with access to the UN declaration of Human Rights, with the support of esteemed leaders such as Walessa and Havel, is a bad thing for fidel castro. That is the real story here. And you missed it. Or ignored it. Whatever the case may be.

Instead, we got to read yet another recycled and trumped up non-story.

Par for the course, I suppose, fidel castro grinds the organ, and his media monkeys jump through the hoops.


Val Prieto

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Babalu Blog: Because truth cant be refuted (Updated)