venerdì, gennaio 27, 2006

Isaias's Sick Games and How We're Falling for It

Isaias's Sick Games and How We're Falling for It: "Danilology is quickly becoming the passtime of choice for more and more Venezuelan media junkies. And it's not hard to see why: the Danilo Anderson murder investigation is weirder than a David Lynch movie - just one layer of absurdity on top of another, a virtual lasagna of unsolved riddles, a tropical film noir.

The case really does have it all: coup-plotting bankers, racketeering prosecutors, good cops, crooked cops, plastic explosives, police bomb experts, tainted investigation files, stacks of hundred-dollar bills, jet-skis, disappearing porn videos, congressional funerals, ordenes del libertador, police abductions, helicoide torture, murdered suspects, rigged trials, pseudo-paramilitary pseudo-psychiatrists, jungle conspiracies, murder-plotting cardinals, CIA-stunt dubles, fugitive journalists, media gag orders, RSF condemnations and now, now the cherry-on-top: a Fiscalia-sanctioned interview of Geovanny Vasquez de Armas on Colombian TV. Zowee! It's enough to make your head spin...

Which, to my mind, is just the problem: our heads are spinning and that's just the way Isaias likes it. As attention has focused more and more on the shooting-fish-in-a-barrelish sport of punching holes in Isaias' colander of a case, attention has shifted away from what should be the crux of the matter: what actually happene"