sabato, gennaio 28, 2006



On January 25, twenty members of the Pro-Human Rights Party of Cuba, affiliated to the Andrej Sakharov International Foundation, were holding a meeting at a dissident’s house and suddenly a mob made up with plainclothes agents of the state security,the ‘committees for the defense of the revolution” and the “rapid response brigades” gathered in front of the house and started shouting all kinds of insults, offenses and threats at the freedom fighters.

It’s to note that the mob shouted more offensive slogans after hearing the dissidents singing the Cuban national anthemn.

At the end of the meeting, the freedom fighters went out of the house to go home, but were stopped by the mob, who claimed that “the street belongs to the revolutionaries”.
Mariana Carballo Castillo, one member of the party, tells the story at Radio Martì here . Notice that as she was speaking, the ‘act of repudiation’ was taking place just outside.

The same thing occurred yesterday to Martha Beatriz Roque, (former political prisoner and leader of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society ) and other dissidents who were there with her. Speaking at Radio Martì via phone from her house in Havana in the very same moments in which the fascist mob was harassing her by shouting insults and threats, Martha said that she was keeping the door and windows open, because “here we are not doing anything bad”. Listen to her here .

Three unknown individuals beaten two freedom fighters in Santa Clara, for distributing copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The three warned the dissident women to stop distributing those copies or they’ll be thrown in jail. To add insult to injury, the three fascists insulted the female activists by shouting : ” You counter-revolutionary blacks!” at them .

The activists who were victim of these fascist attacks said that they will keep fighting for a free Cuba with even more determination and even if it leads them to die.

Viva la resistencia cubana !

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