sabato, gennaio 28, 2006

No tickers are needed if the world LISTENS

No tickers are needed if the world LISTENS: " Well, this one you ain’t gonna read on Granma.

Besides the “7 more important hours of Steven Spielberg’s” life there are apparently some people in the world with enough common sense and love for humanity that will risk it all to expose KaSStro’s deceit to the world and murderous treatment of the Cuban people.

Now, that this bit of valor comes from a famous MODEL is a bit unusual, that it comes from a famous “Czech Model” then we can understand the spirit of someone who has lived inside the BEAST and wants to expose its innards.

Czech supermodel Helena Houdova and psychologist Mariana Kroftova were detained in Cuba on Monday when Houdova was taking photographs of a slum in the capital of Havana.
This was reported on Reuters on Wednesday.

Houdova, Czech Miss 1999 has lived in New York and Los Angeles for 2 years doing modeling.

At the same time she has energetically tried to raise money to help children with social and health handicaps in nine countries around the world

One of its projects is the Sunflower foundation fund.

Houdova said that she went to Cuba to find out how she could help children in the communist country.

She said that during their detention neither she nor Kroftova were allowed to contact the Czech e"