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KillCastro - A war blog: Cubans go underground to read KillCastro

Cubans go underground to read KillCastro

The latest messages from Cuba have been scarce. Few and far between.
In a reversal of progress, typical of a hardcore communist hostage-taking state, internet access has been suspended to many "enterprises" or "companies". They have been asigned an intranet, which host only a small group of goverment approved and sanctioned sites, including CNN and the BBC in Spanish (no surprises here), and which provides for a controlled and monitored e-mail service, which is resident in that intranet and from which one receives messages after a suspicious delay.
Certain companies are keeping internet access, but they have been reversed to an hourly plan -hourly plan, as in ten hours a week- and the users have to submit a log to their bosses of all visited sites, including duration of visits, motives to visit the site, and in some cases, sample print-outs.
Not that anybody is going to submit a screen shot of KillCastro anytime soon, but the idiotic technocommies in charge maybe hope for that.
My prediction: our friendly Cuban readers will very soon hack into the sites and addresses asigned to the Communist Party, the Armed Forces, and the Communist Youth to read KillCastro. Which will be poetic justice, imagine the "monitors" revising the log of a communist honcho, and noticing that the guy "has spent time" reading us and downloading our counter-revolutionary graphics and copying our anti-kasstro materials.


killcastro said...

My news from Kuba is that communications at all levels are severely curtailed. On my monthly called to my relatives this past weekend we were cut off 3 times. At one point I screamed out loud - "OYE TU EL QUE ESTA ESCUCHANDO ESTAMOS HABLANDO DE COSAS DE FAMILIA Y NO DE POLITICA"
My little "TURBA" has been cut off from all internet connections and those who stil have internet connections ( as do certain artists and sciences) can only communicate via email within the .CU domain.
This was pretty much to be expected and we owe this to the progress in Internet technology , (believe it or not)
The protocol we all use to communicate through internet is changing rapidly behind the curtains. When we see the fact that we can now nail down an IP address to within a town ( and soon to within a few square blocks) we in the USA are delighted because it help us combat SPAM and PHISHING and other nastiest that permeate the "cloud" . In a country like Kuba these advances are used to curtail access by tracking down illegal or spoofed connections. This is not a question that KaSStro technology "mavens" are THAT good , just means that the software they are stealing from the USA *IS* that good. So we shall see a decline in Internet connections from Kuba unless the interest section has a rather OBVIOUS brain fart and becomes an ISP itself as a Wi-Fi provider
With a new technology called BROADBAND MARITIME a ship can be anchored right of Kuba's territorial waters, get a microwave signal from the USIS beam it up to a satellite and serve as censorship free ISP to all Cubans (at least in La Habana)
I tell you that would be a LOT cheaper that the TV-Radio Marti thing and it would be a real time two way communication tool to hurt KaSStro where it hurts him the most , his propaganda machine.


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KillCastro - A war blog: Cubans go underground to read KillCastro