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Fidel Castro, a liar then and a liar now - The Real Cuba

Fidel Castro, a liar then and a liar now

Here is a link to an interview by the BBC while Fidel Castro was still in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

Listen to what Castro was promising the Cuban people when he needed their support:

  • Democratic elections as soon as possible after Batista was gone

  • A real representative and democratic government

  • He was not interested in becoming president

  • There were no communists or Marxists in his movement

  • Cuba would have a representative democracy and a well planned economy to promote social justice

Castro betrayed everything that he promised the Cuban people. He lied then as he is lying now.

Many people who write to me and are ignorant of Cuba's history, think that what occurred in Cuba 47 years

ago was a revolt of the poor people in order to install a communist government in Cuba. Nothing could be

further from the truth. The only reason why Castro won was because he lied and was able to fool the

millions of people who trusted him. He betrayed the ideals of the Cuban people. Instead of peace and

prosperity he brought hate and poverty. It is a shame that Castro was able to fool the Cuban people in the

1950s. It is much more shameful that he is still able to fool some people 50 years later.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a thousand times, shame on my

ignorance and stupidity.

Click here to listen to the Castro interview

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