giovedì, febbraio 23, 2006

BlogforCuba: castro is Evil

castro is Evil

When's the last time you heard these words spoken on national television?

castro's evil regime

castro's brutal dictatorship

castro's communist dictatorship is worse than prison

Cubans are starving and have nothing

Tuesday night Fox's Hannity & Colmes aired three segments that tell the truth about castro for the whole world to hear. No useful idiots sticking up for the rat bastard dictator, no lefty traitors talking about the damned "healthcare" or the "universal education". Just the truth, with everyday Cuban-American's treated with respect, no mention of Miami mafia, or any of the usual denigrating verbal tricks the MSM uses to marginalize the community. The millions of viewers who watched the show last night heard for themselves just how bad castro is. They heard about the pain of separated families and the devastating consequences of the wet foot dry foot policy.

Via Val at Babalublog, watch the videos here at Fox News.

The three segments are titled "Attorney Speaks Out", "Broken Bridge 15", and "Broken Bridge 15 Debate". Take tissue, lots of it.

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