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The Real Cuba: Is this free education?

Is this free education?

On April 4, 1961 the Cuban dictator created the "Unión de Pioneros de Cuba" (Union of Pioneers of Cuba).

Almost all Cuban children, including Elian Gonzalez (above), have to become 'pioneros.' If you don't want

your child to be a pionero his chances of getting an education in Castro's Cuba are almost non existent.

Pioneros have to participate in many extra-curicular activities, like marching in front of the US Interests

Section whenever the dictator wants, or any other activities being promoted by the Castro regime.

Pioneros are also asked to denounce any counterrevolutionary activity that they see at home, or at the

homes of their friends, to their teachers. Many Cuban parents went to jail because one of their children

notified authorities that their parents were talking about the government or doing anything at home that

was considered 'illegal.'

When the pioneros participate in a government march or any other government sponsored activity, they

are given a coupon like the one above. These coupons must be given to their teachers the following day

proving that you participated. If you don't turn in your coupon and don't have a very good excuse, the

teacher will make a notation on the "Expediente Acumulativo del Estudiante" (Student Accumulative

Dossier) that each Cuban student carries from kindergarten until he graduates from high school.

The information contained in that dossier would determine if the student is later allowed to enter a college

or university. In addition to information about the student participation in all political activities, the dossier

also has information about his family including whether his parents are 'integrated' or not.

Would you consider that 'free education'? I am sure that you would not want your children to become a robot

at the order of a maniac dictator in order for him to be able to study a career.

But many foreigners who go to Cuba and are ignorant of the facts, return to their countries praising the

'excellent free education' offered by the Castro regime to all Cuban children.

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