lunedì, febbraio 27, 2006

BlogForCuba: Families Fight for Refugees in Bahamas - BOYCOTT THE BAHAMAS

Families Fight for Refugees: "Remember Elian? Remember castro and his collaborators in the US media clamoring about keeping families together? Oh yeah, the dictator in Cuba cares about family. That's why he sends doctors overseas on missions while holding their family captive on the Island. That's why he keeps the average Cuba in such abject poverty that they work as Jinteras, selling them selves to the highest bidder. That really promotes family unity. Nothing like whoring together to enhance familial feeling. That's why Cuba has the highest suicide rate in the world, because fidel provides such a loving family environment for his slaves.

There's more, it's not enough for him to make Cubans suffer in his Island prison, he has agreements with neighboring countries tp act on his behalf, like in the Bahamas.

From the News-Press:

Ihovany Hernandez's Cuban refugee wife sits in a Bahamian prison while he rallies support to get her out.

The island's government threw Marialis Darias-Mesa, and David Gonzalez-Mejias, both dentists, into prison in April after the boat taking them and 16 other Cuban migrants stalled in Bahamian waters. They were picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard and handed over to Bahamian officials.

'She left Cuba to find freedom,' said Hernandez, who came to the U.S. two years ago an"