mercoledì, febbraio 15, 2006

Doors are still closed

Doors are still closed: "Cardinal Renato Martino has not been given any assurance that he could speak with kasstro as per this time of the day, considering that he is scheduled to leave tomorrow, kasstro can 'offer' a meeting at the eleventh hour to be in control and to be able to eschew 'uncomfortable' themes that might arise during the interview, if it happens. But by the same token kasstro knows that if he doesn't receive Cardinal Martino, the chances of a Papal visit will go from slim to nil. I am expecting that he would stage a last minute interview with the Cardinal, and possible offer him a ride to the airport, in order to be in total control of the timing and to turn tables on the Cardinal so by force many issues fall off the discussion table and remain untouched. This is not new, kasstro is known for breaking and altering the protocol to his convenience.
Apparently, Cardinal Renato Martino is touching upon a good amount of thorny issues, like social scope of the Church teachings, and questions of morals and faith. There were rumors that he would meet with dissidents (unfortunately, names couldn't be confirmed) with the Ladies in White, and with certain priests and lay people who are well known for being overtly opposed to the regime.
The Church has also a complicated protocol, and the channels of communication with the regime are not"