lunedì, febbraio 27, 2006

White House Meeting Exile Leaders

White House Meeting Exile Leaders: "If you go to the website for the Whitehouse and do an search on Cuba, you get a return of 330 links of this administrations words on Cuba . You'll find links to the President's speeches where Cuba was mentioned, memos to Congress, the Department of State, and responses to questions during press conferences.

Looking at the list of links, frankly I was really surprised to find so many instances where President Bush's attention was on Cuba. I was surprised because you'd think with all that thought focused on Cuba there would also be some corresponding action. Something Cubans could point to and say thank you Mr. President for helping us, thank you for remembering all those promises you gave us when you wanted our vote. But there isn't, there are only the words. One of President Bush's campaign promises was to end the wet foot dry foot policy.

It looks like that meeting we've all been waiting for is finally going to take place. This would be a great opportunity for President Bush to fullfill that promise. How about it Mr. President? How about some action?

From the Miami Herald:

White House 'committed' to meeting exile leaders

A White House meeting with Cuban exile leaders to discuss the wet-foot, dry-foot policy may be held within two weeks"