domenica, febbraio 19, 2006

Camp Delta vs. Camp Castro - The Real Cuba

Camp Delta vs. Camp Castro

Many people consider that the suspected terrorists detained at Camp Delta in Guantanamo are living in

"inhumane conditions." There have been hundreds of reports both here and abroad criticizing the

inhumane treatment of these suspected terrorists.

Many of those who have written reports or condemned the conditions at Camp Delta, have also written

glowing reports about the "free healthcare" that the Castro regime offers to all Cubans. They also have

never said a word about the conditions under which Cuban political prisoners are being kept in Castro's


Lets take a look at Camp Delta and Camp Castro. Lets compare the living conditions of the suspected

terrorists at camp Delta and of the political prisoners in Castro's jails. And lets also look at the health

facilities for the detainees at Camp Delta and for the 11 million Cubans that are enjoying Castro's

'free and excellent healthcare'

A typical Camp Delta Cell

A typical Cuban cell like the one where Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is being held

Another cell in Castro's Gulag

A Camp Delta Health facility to treat the prisoners

A Cuban 'health facility' for regular Cubans

The Real Cuba