domenica, febbraio 26, 2006

More Lies from Havana - BlogForCuba

More Lies from Havana: "At the unveiling of the ridiculous flags of mourning next to the U.S. interests section in Havana earlier this month, castro, who's been terrorizing Cubans for 47 years, claimed that terrorist acts against Cuba have claimed thousands of lives. This is nothing new, and Dr. Armando Lago, Vice President of the Free Society Project, Inc. wrote about those claims three years ago.

From the Cuba Archive:

March 18, 2003.

The Cuban government claims that more than 3,000 terrorist acts have been committed against Cuban citizens during the Castro regime’s stay in power, for over 42 years. Furthermore, it claims that “all these terrorist actions against Cuba are woven with the same thread, which leads invariably to the United States.”

Dr. Armando Lago* has been researching the loss of life during the Cuban revolutionary process for the last five years. His investigation includes victims of the Batista dictatorship and victims of anti-Castro actions. He has conducted a review of the documents publicly circulated by the Cuban government substantiating its claim of over 3,000 victims.

Following are his observations:

1. Of the 551 incidents described, 400 took place at the Bay of Pigs. This was a war/combat scenario, a military invasion against the Castro dictatorship seeking freedom for the people o"