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KillCastro - A war blog: Transition Document Part Deux - May 6 2006

Transition Document Part Deux - May 6 2006

With little fanfare, the Commission to Promote Political Changes in Cuba , resumed recently . Most of the limelight felt on the closing words of Condoleeza Rice, who taking over as chairperson from Collin Poweell gave us the by now repeated ad nauseum “It is about time that Cuba is free……… and blah blah blah “ speech have all heard in the last 47 years.

Gradually some of the key points resolved for THIS meeting are filtering out.

The full edited document will be presented to President Bush on May 6 2006 for signature and official approval.

Now, what does THIS time at bat for these geniuses brings us? I am happy to say that a little more “bite” and less fluff seems to encompass this tome.

But as the last one did, it really meant absolutely shit for the liberation of Cuba and only assures a group of people a cushy little gig for the next year.

This time the “experts” are all over the place in politics and promises. Without having to be a political analyst you wonder where their heads are when they conclude these ideas are the key to bringing KaSStro down. Factually there is NOT ONE single measure that explicitly says

But there’s a bit of a Muhammad Ali thing to this paper, a little bit of floating a little bit of stinging.

Here they are presented to you (as much as I have found out) and beneath them MY commentary as to the strength and impetus of action that will produce an anti-KaSStro effect.

1) The Dry Foot / Wet Foot law gets abolished.
Great ! We all wanted that, just for the sheer inhumanity it represented.
Now, what does THAT do to bring KaSStro down? I really do not know. More Cubans will take to the sea and the less people to feed in Kuba is GOOD news to The Beast. But we have been asking for it, and we seem to be getting it.
Anti-KaSStro strength = 0

2) There will be an increase to Visas given out as part of the Lottery. Now this one leaves me wondering if the State Department is reading its own press releases . KaSStro is NOT fulfilling his part of the bargain on the 20,000 visas that are being given out now. So increasing the number of Visas extended to the Cuban people means what ? Also will these Visas come accompanied with the $1000+ dollars necessary to leave Kuba , because where will the winners of these visas get the money to pay KaSStro to leave the country ? And Will the banning of remitances to Kuba be also abolished cause legally I can not send my Tia Chucha the 1 grand she needs to leave the Prision , EVEN with a USA Visa at hand.

These geniuses came up with this piece of absolute SHIT. A 9 year old Cuban child will be debating this but nope, these guys think this is a great idea.
Anti-KaSStro strength = Minus 10

3) Now this gets interesting: The USA will allow Cuban-American organizations (in the USA) the right to unimpeded work towards the deposing of The Beast.
Again does this include military actions or just that organizations like Brothers to the Rescue will not be hampered from doing their job? Not enough info yet so I will give this an
Anti-KaSStro strength = 3

If Military aggression is included it is a solid 10

4) The USA government will directly and without covert action help financially and logistically anti KaSStro dissident groups within the island. Not only that but it will provide them with shelter and protection against attacks by the Communist regime. How is this going to be done ? Again no answer but it seems that the gloves are being taken off and it is a knuckle fight from now on
Anti-KaSStro Strength = 7

5) The USA will increase its propaganda against KaSStro both electronically and in print. Providing the Cuban population with daily reports as to the state of the country
Anti-KaSStro strength = 0

NOW THIS GETS INTERESTING and we go Patton on KaSStro

6) The USA reserves the right to determine if there exists a state of Civil Unrest in Kuba and if such unrest presents a danger to both the people of Cuba and the USA itself. If it is decided the state of civil unrest exists the USA reserves the right to intervene directly taking whatever measures it feels necessary ( I guess the Krushev/Kennedy pact is here by void!)
MY take on this is that once # 1 & # 2 go into effect and the USA perceives that the influx of Cubans towards the USA is unmanageable or that the request for Visas is also unmanageable OR not properly fulfilled by KaSStro , the USA government will reserve the right to call this “Civil Unrest” and act accordingly.
At least THOSE are MY reasoning for including points # 1 & 2 in the document. But we will see.

Anti-KaSStro strength = 7

7) Organizations within Cuba MAY appeal to the USA to intervene if they feel that a state of Civil Unrest exists within the Island Prison or that if by pacific and civil methods their rights are being violated . If a request for help is issued to the USA, the USA will also determine the validity of the request and act accordingly using whatever means or force necessary to quench what may be perceived as persecution, violation of human rights or endargement of the lives of those who by pacific means are attempting to effect a political change in Kuba

Anti-KaSStro Strength = 10

So on points 6 & 7 the USA is in fact saying “If we do not like it or if we THINK that it is necessary, we are coming in


Points 1 through 5 may just be preambles to the enforcement of 6 & 7 but they do AT last speak of direct intervention if “Civil Unrest” is perceived as taking place in Kuba.
Based on this, a march of The Ladies in White for example that is broken up by The Beast minions may trigger a call for help to the USA and at that point we will see how willing the USA is to follow up with rules 6 & 7

It is indeed going to be an intresesting May 6 if these rules are indeed in the book and of president Bush does sign the measures.

In the meantime we will sit and wait, thinking how little was accomplished in FAVOR of the Cubans in the Island on the last Transition Document.

Let us pray GOD , that President bush is indeed determined to be the president to bring KaSStro down.

And hey, the astrologers at the magazine Vanidades predict that in September of 2006 a tyranny will finally end in Latin America. Not too many guesses as to what THAT could be.
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KillCastro - A war blog: Transition Document Part Deux - May 6 2006