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The best healthcare system in the world
Submitted by helen on December 27, 2005 - 10:38am. Castro's communist paradise

Health care in Cuba is so good that the average Cuban might have to go to Venezuela/TT/Jamaica/Antigua/anyplace to get medical care from one of Cuba's great doctors. That's what diabetic Erick Pérez Lara says. Pérez Lara requies insulin shorts "every four hours and ... the local hospital is supposed to provide him with all the material so he can treat himself at home: the drug, syringe, alcohol and cotton. He said the hospital now has only the cotton." This sounds like a great joke, right? It's deadly serious. Castro is bringing in folks from Caricom countries for free medical care while Cubanos suffer its lack.

Why are American reporters silent about the plight of their Cuban brethren? "Reporters Without Borders today condemned journalist Oscar Mario González Pérez's continuing detention as 'arbitrary and absurd' after the Havana police told his lawyer they could not find his file. González, who writes for the Grupo de Trabajo Decoro independent news agency, has been held without trial since 22 July. He is currently in a state security cell and his health is failing." What about Caricom reporters? How come I NEVER read stories in Caribbean newspapers condemning Castro for his oppression of reporters, for his oppression of Cubans? Why? It's an article of faith for the Caribbean that Cuba is a paradise and Castro its benevolent god.

Cuba's Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) "is one of 52 government facilities dedicated to human, animal and agricultural research" and it's tremendously successful.

Using more than $1 billion in state funding, Cuban scientists have produced a hepatitis B vaccine sold in more than 30 countries and streptokinase, a potent enzyme that dissolves blood clots and improves the survival rate of heart attack victims. The country also makes recombinant interferon that strengthens the immune system of cancer patients, and a meningitis B vaccine.

In the pipeline are products ranging from an injection that closes ulcers and improves circulation in diabetics to vaccines against cholera and hepatitis C, according to Cuban officials.

All of this is for export, though. People like Pérez Lara, a Cuban, is not an intended recipient of the results of all this magnificent research. While Cuban scientists are tremendously successful in this area, their research efforts in the "production of milk, beef and other foods has fallen even as [they] embark on years-long efforts to produce genetically modified rice, corn and other crops that are disease resistant." If these scientists are ever successful, you can rest assured about three things: 1) the average Cuban will not be beneficiaries; 2) the EU will abandon its ban on genetically modified disease-resistant American corn and grains which would feed starving Africans and them produce similar crops that can stave off famine; 3) the only genetically modified disease-resistant corn and wheat that the EU will accept for use in Africa will be that from Cuba.

Thou shalt never speak out against Castro, the Cuban god. This is what chambermaid Leidys Morales Quinteros discovered after she was overheard criticizing President Fidel Castro. Management fired her and declared her "'unfit' to work at the hotel after a Communist Party instructor overheard a conversations in which the chambermaid complained to a friend about power outages and the work of Castro and other government leaders." Then, "[t]he workers committee at the Meliá Cayo Guillermo tourist hotel ratified management's firing." The only truth in Cuba is that which glorifies Castro and his 'glorious' revolution.

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