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KillCastro - A war blog: Cubans drown in bullshit … and MUST be thankful

Cubans drown in bullshit … and MUST be thankful

Two weeks ago , we got word from my wife’s contact in KUBA that KaSStro was GIVING AWAY FREE refrigerators . BRAND NEW , BEAUTIFUL, sparkling white refrigerators. This sounded to be like utter bullshit, but this contact is one of those people we MUST deal with because it is the only email link we have with the family, so we must endure her daily propaganda !

Well, today we had our monthly phone call with the family and congratulated on the BRAND NEW 9.5 cu ft FREE REFRIGERATOR

“Well , says my wive’s father..” They WERE supposed to be free , but there is a surcharge of 6,000 pesos as a transference fee. Uh ? what ? Do they EVER stop coming up with aphorisms for “I am gonna fuck you so hard your teeth will screech “

SIX THOUSAND PESOS! Plus you must give them the old refrigerator so they can use the “parts”
Now, the same thing is coming down for stoves and washing machines.

A quick & generous conversion gives us $300 USD for the tiniest of Chinese made refrigerators. One brand, (noisy as HELL) one price and FUCK YOU.

So imagine SEARS , promising you a FREE refrigerator and once you sign the receipt you find out in the fine print you owe Sears 6000 pesos (300 USD) for delivery and "trasnsference" charges !

The worker’s paradise at its best. The lies are constant . Not even Orwell would’ve been able to have thought this out !

This is one example of what these people must endure on a daily basis without a god damn chance of raising a voice of protest, and we are SHOOTING at their ENGINES!

Yes, let our Cuban celebrities march for the rest of Latin Americans in the USA and DEMAND they be allowed to remain in the USA as legal aliens . In the meantime we look the fuck away from the continued barbarism of EL SUMO HIJO DE PUTA and his ever tighter stronghold on 12 million souls. SO MUCH EASIER and what the fuck records do Cubans buy anyway!


Charlie Bravo said...

All I wish and hope is that those fridges are light enough they float. And that we have a real surge of people coming from the island on those spanking white new rafts!

Sunday, April 30, 2006 9:51:16 PM
Albert Quiroga said...

When that bastard dies, he deserves to be stuffed into one of those refrigerators and cast adrift to finally have some use - as shark fodder.

Monday, May 01, 2006 8:35:39 AM
Orlando said...

US$300 is the equivalent of 20 months of work. For a household in the US with an income of $40K the equivalent would be $67,000.

Monday, May 01, 2006 12:09:56 PM

KillCastro - A war blog: Cubans drown in bullshit … and MUST be thankful