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Blog For Cuba - Thinking about fidel

Incredibilmente, o meglio, molto logicamente, Ziva sente lo stesso schifo che ho sentito io a leggere di Vattimo, e riesce a esprimere molto meglio di me.

Thinking about fidel

You know, fidel castro is a lying manipulating hijo de puta. I've been reading through some of his interviews over the years and it's quite clear that he loves nothing better than a gullible journalist.

He turns on his psycho charm, makes the victim feel comfortable, he puts on his human face and hides the monster that Cubans see everyday. He makes the interviewer feel like he's talking to an old uncle.

Like this from a 1986 interview at the end of Francisco Miguels funeral. fidel talks about how "yankees" have a monopoly on film and popular culture, how L.A. (Latin American) films are so great, he emphasizes that he learns this from the press, because (sic) you understand Cuba's a democracy. My skin crawls just reading the murderous bastards words. He says that film in Cuba started after the "revolution". You can just picture some sweaty palmed wanna be nodding his head. Yes commandante of course Cuba's a democracy....

There is almost a half century of this bullshit. Hard to believe there are so many reporters seeking a vicarious thrill. Maybe having a real life and self esteem should be a requirement for journalists.

I know that fidel does not like the anti-fidel blogs writing about him. He does not like it that he can no longer re-write history without dissent. He does not like it that he cannot silence us, he does not like that we know he is an old man, an old man who no longer enjoys the virility of a young man. How many pills do you have to take before you have the false strength to make a speech old man? How you must hate looking in the mirror at your shriveled old self. Your teeth looked green in one of the recent photos. I hear that's a symptom of rot. Does it hurt?

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you are so right mate, i think no coments needed here, my heart eaches everytime i think of my country, i seem to have a love and hate relation with my land. the more i love it the more i hate it. Santiago Feliu sings something so right about it " how to follow you if when you need me the most you turn your back at me"

Posted by: matalan | May 26, 2006 at 03:52 AM

The best part of all this is that you caused his dentures to fall inside the toilet with this post... But don't worry, an asistant was reading over his shoulder, he fished out the dentures from the toilet. Flushed the toilet, if you know what I mean, and pretended to rinse them. Then, swiftly, he shoveled them back into the cloak-like mouth of that old fartbag....

Posted by: Charlie Bravo | May 26, 2006 at 10:07 AM

ziva it’s a shame that well educated people journalists and others fall for this kind of bullshit or maybe some of them want to believe and have trust in a imaginary idol that was form in their minds about this specimen from hell full of lies.
I will never comprehend none of those bastards, some of them will do anything to have 15 minutes of glory with the romantic bearded guerrillo a good friend of che Guevara,the good guy from the Antilles ,the one that stood up in the face of imperialism..
give me a fucking break ,you lefties assholes.
I guess they never wonder about the exodus of Cubans to every part of the world that started since 1959 and keeps getting big in a volume of souls seeking a life with out repression. A life of dignity, respect and .freedom that every human deserves

Posted by: tocororo_libre | May 26, 2006 at 11:43 PM


Great post Ziva!
You are so right about journalists! I am so disgusted with the Dan Rather, Katie Couric Peter Jennings [may he be rotting in Hell!] school of journalism where integrity and honesty count for NADA and were pushing a leftist agenda and your own career [I understand that scoring an interview with fifo is like the Holy Grail for unscrupulous journalists!] is all that matters!

Thank God for Blogs! Journalists and publishing houses had a monopoly on history, until blogs came along to set the record straight. The internet has seriously hurt the printed media and formerly powerful media icons like the discredited Dan Rather who was caught in a lie and had to resign! I think that newspaper editors realize this [and if they don't, they can look to their falling sales], and undoubtedly so does that piece of human execrement fifo! He is going to have to double his propaganda efforts which are already over-the-top if he wants to deal with the ever growing number of Cuba blogs out there!

Posted by: Ray | May 27, 2006 at 08:14 AM

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