sabato, maggio 20, 2006

Elections in Cuba??? - Uncyclopedia

Elections in Cuba are run differently to those in most other countries. Cuba has a two party political system, with the extreme-left wing hat party which advocates wearing hats at all times. The other party is the Hatless party, a more moderate-extreme left wing party which goes without hats. Leader of the Hatless Party is Fidel Castro, who is currently serving as President of Cuba. The Hat party is currently in opposition, and its leader, Fidel Castro, is the opposition leader.

Some political commentators have noticed that Fidel Castro, and Fidel Castro have never been seen in the same room as each other at the same time. There is much speculation as to why this is. The Cuban government denies that anything is wrong. Also interesting to note, Cuban political debates are not held live, with each leader putting forward their opinions, leaving the room, then the other leader comes out and mostly agrees with what the other has to say. in Cuba - Uncyclopedia