giovedì, maggio 25, 2006

Cuban independent journalist denounces reprisals against his family

Cuban independent journalist denounces reprisals against his family.

By Carlos Serpa Maceira

Celso Sarduy Agüero
Jefe de Buró
Cono Sur/Sudamérica
Research Dept
La Nueva Cuba
May 23, 2006

Carlos Serpa Maceira, independent journalist with the
Agency LUX-INFO-PRESS and Bureau Chief of the Cuba
Miami News Bridge denounced in Havana that the government
is taking reprisals against his family because of his
work as an alternative journalist.

"Last May 11th, I received a telephone from call
from my wife Marielena Arredondo, where she told me
that electricity services in our home were cut off 15
days ago and have not been reinstated to date, but the
other 80 homes around ours have no such problems",
stated Serpa.

The Cuba Miami News Bridge Bureau was able to confirm
that this is not the first time his family is victim of
reprisals by the goverment, that every time Mrs. Arredondo
Rivero goes to the offices of the Popular Power to complain
they tell her they cannot help her due to her husband's
counter evolutionary activities.

"With these actions the government has not taken into
consideration that my wife has problems with her eye
sight and that my 13 year old daughter Daylin has a
frail health. I will continue accusing the Goverment
until they can prove otherwise".

The home of journalist's Carlos Serpa Maceira is located
in the rural community "Escuela de Cabo", Demajagua
Town, 23 km from Nueva Gerona, Capital of Pinar del Rio,
his home is headquarters the Cuba Miami News Bridge
Bureau, the "Julio Tang Texier" cultural Civic Project
and the "Ernest Heminway" Independent Library.

Reporting from Havana Mario Hechavarria Driggs,journalist
with The Cuba Miami News Bridge Bureau. Given on the 19th
day of May of 2006