giovedì, luglio 13, 2006

Cuba issues new anti-gusano software - EL CONFETI

EL CONFETI: Cuba issues new anti-gusano software: "Cuba issues new anti-gusano software

Cuba´s Segurmatica computer consulting and security company issued its first anti-virus software for corporate network safety. (...more)

If I didn't know better I would take it very personally. It seems that for the most part they are trying to keep the 'gusanos' from entering their system. Here one of my favorite gusanos taken from the Segurmatica (Novedades Section) website:

Virus: W32/Red.Y (variant) - Esta computadora ha sido infectada con el virus LIBERTAD como protesta por la violación de la libertad de expresión en Cuba.

Translation: This computer has been infected with the virus of LIBERTY as a protest to Cuba's freedom of expression violation."