domenica, luglio 23, 2006

Willy Chirino by Free Thoughts

Free Thoughts: "My Cubanita friend Almaly (Alma Gonzales) has sent me some photos of the interview to Willy Chirino broadcast on a Miami TV channel. Willy is a Cuban-born salsa singer living in Miami since 1962, when he fled Cuba along with thousands of children during the Kennedy-backed Peter Pan Operation. Chirino sings for freedom in his homeland,but his songs speak also about love and life. Despite official censorship on his music in Cuba, it’s a matter of fact that a high percentage of Cubans inside the island listen to his music by buying his albums in the black market. His songs inspirated tens of Cuban refugees as well as his countrymen around the world. It’s now hard to find a Cuban in Cuba who doesn’t know him. Above all, it’s easy to find Cubans in Cuba who love him and his music. He’s the musical idol of the Cuban people.