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Wall Street Cafe: Beating Fidel

Beating Fidel

UPDATE: FoxSports carries the story and mentions The Real Cuba. The best part of the story is this quote from a PR Police officer, discussing what he said to the head of the Cuban delegation:
"We explained to him that here the constitutional right to free expression exists and that it is not a crime," police Col. Adalberto Mercado was quoted as saying.
Friday March 10th, today, I woke up feeling sick and tired from an agonizing week at school. But all that vanished in less than 5 seconds as I read my email and SMILED from the bottom of my heart. I got giddy, I started laughing uncontrollably, crying out of sheer joy and happiness, and excitedly trying to convey the news to my spouse, who kept looking at me like I belonged at a mental institution. What could cause such a reaction?

See yesterday the Bearded Stooge thought it would be a great idea for his Revolucion to have a live telecast of the WBC game between Cuba and Holland. Apparently, some Cuban exiles in Puerto Rico thought it was a great idea too.

They thought sitting behind home plate would be a good place to hold up anti-Fidel signs, such as the one in the picture, and another sign that said jugadores Si, Tiranos no (Players yes, tyrants no) - while ALL of CUBA watched!!!

Of course Cuban agents of the delegation, who must've thought they were in Cuba, immediately came to harass the Cuban exile but to no avail. The Policia de Puerto Rico came and escorted the agent out, and Mayor Santini - mayor of San Juan from the Partido Nuevo Progresista - threatened that anyone attempting against the Freedom of Speech while on Puerto Rican soil would be arrested. Kudos to Mayor Santini and the Police!

Now the Cuban delegation is threatening to withdraw from the WBC....whatever! I've never been prouder of the Cuban exile community in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Police and the PNP.

Read more and see more pictures at The Real Cuba and at Babalu who also has news on the story from the Herald and of course, Granma - the communist newspaper which is having a fit.

Viva Cuba Libre! Abajo Fidel!

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