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HOT: FIDEL FIRED A CNN JOURNALIST!!!: What's Happening at CNN: Newman Headed to Al Jazeera

Sunday, March 19, 2006

What's said in Havana.....

This is one of the latest rumors in Havana: Lucia Newman, the CNN correspondent didn't leave her job on her own. She was booted out for her last video in Cuba, showing Guillermo "El Coco" Fariñas. It also applies to the friendly mainstream media, if your reporter work doesn't please kasstro, you're out.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Newman Headed to Al Jazeera

A tipster tells WHAC, Lucia Newman is leaving CNN for Al Jazeera International. Lou Dobbs bid Newman farewell on his program Friday.

UPDATE: 03/20 LOOK at what some blogger claims some 24 HOURS LATER after I post the news. And Newsblues had the news today too. Funny TV Newser doesn't know the definition of FIRST!
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What's Happening at CNN: Newman Headed to Al Jazeera

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Newman Leaving CNN

CNN's Havana bureau chief and correspondent Lucia Newman is leaving the network. Newman was named to the position when CNN opened the bureau in 1997.Following a report on Lou Dobb's Tonight on Friday, Dobbs had this to say:

"Lucia Newman is leaving CNN, and we could not allow her to depart us without paying our respects and to salute a great and skillful, talented, bright colleague with whom we've had the pleasure to work over the past two decades. Lucia Newman, you're a delight. We're wishing you all the very best and we thank you. "
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