domenica, marzo 05, 2006

Babalu Blog: Dissident Stripped of his Home

Dissident Stripped of his Home

In a perfectly cruel example of how everything in Cuba is owned by the state, dissident Alejandro Miguel Novoa Zaldívar was stripped of his home because it was a center of counterrevolutionary activities. Mind you that we are talking about a home, the size of a room with an outside bathroom that had been in his family for years. He had inherited the property and had never renounced ownership. "Legally" the small room was his.

The incident came about, because Novoa out of solidarity, lent the small room to another couple also dissidents, to live with their son who were forcefully evicted on political grounds. The evidence of this political eviction is clear on the letter the couple received on November from Municipal Housing Department Director Susana Pérez Ferrol which read (my translation):

"It was proven that in this residence Mrs. Grisell de la Caridad Ruiz and other members of her family nucleous maintain a negative political conduct , and therefore socially reproachful, same as Mr. Novoa Zaldívar, who admits being a member of counterrevolutionary groups, which denominate themselves human rights groups, and who for the purpose of carrying out his treasonous activities has lent the home in question, in open and honest provocation to the Cuban Socialist State"

Please read the whole story via CubaNet here.

Babalu Blog: Dissident Stripped of his Home