lunedì, marzo 27, 2006

The Guillermo Fariñas Blogburst UPDATE

Babalu Blog
The Guillermo Fariñas Blogburst UPDATE: Welcome all new readers! This BlogBurst effort was the brainchild of Fausta Wertz and is meant solely for the highlighting of the hunger strike for net access by Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez in fidel castro's Cuba....
3/27/2006 3:57:40 AM
Babalu Blog
Western Hemisphere Policy Watch has a list of thirty-six, yes 36 Cuban-Americans and Cuban-American supporters in the Bush Administration and Washington, DC that may be involved in U.S./Cuba policy issues. What the hell are they doing? Read and shake your...
3/26/2006 7:46:11 AM
Babalu Blog
I promise, Serpico. A Cuban meal just isnt complete without a side of platanitos maduros fritos. Fried sweet plantains. They are the perfect compliment to every Cuban dish imaginable. Whether muy maduros - very ripe - or pintones - not...
3/26/2006 4:59:59 AM
Babalu Blog
We have had no reports in the past few days on Guillermo Fariñas. The Blogburst is still on for tomorrow and I urge all of you to participate....
3/26/2006 4:31:57 AM
Babalu Blog
I thought I'd follow up on Patrick Henry's speech that I posted yesterday with the reason why I felt compelled to post it. First, huge kudos to Sheila. Had it not been for her post on that historic speech it...

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