venerdì, luglio 14, 2006


Basta con gli indugi, Castro sta morendo.
mi verrebbe da chiamare tutti i miei amici cubani e gridargli "SEI LIBERO!, puoi fare quello che vuoi, non possono piu' fermarti!".
Ma perche' non lo faccio?
Perche' la PAURA che questa bestia d'uomo ha seminato si e' radicata anche in me, e piu che per me, temo per i miei cari in Cuba.
Percio' salto e ballo nella mia stanza, senza sapere che fare.

Mille ragionamenti mi vengono alla mente, adesso che questo giorno non e' piu' un remoto sogno:

che faranno i cubani?
che fara chavez?
chiuderanno gli ingressi?
censureranno le comunicazioni?
quale e' precisamente il piano preparato accuratamente dalla stessa bestia di biran?

Non sto nella pelle, si dice che Chavez stia andando la'...
Per adesso WHPW e' sul pezzo, e anche babalu, ma sono gli unici...
Western Hemisphere Policy Watch:

riday, July 14, 2006

Cuba State Funeral Planning Underway?

(14 Jul 06) Several sources inform WHPW Editors that amid all the speculation to the Bearded One's demise during the past week, there may be some recent activity on the island - in plain view - that is fueling speculation that the Bearded One is very ill and near death.

Recently, the "Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee announced ... that the province of Granma has been selected to host the main activities for this year's July 26th activities." The communists state that "[t]he designation is recognition for advances in both social services and productive activities." However, our sources advise that there could be more to the selection of the politicallyimportantt site of Granma for the Cuban communists.

When the Bearded One does pass away, an elaborate statefunerall is planned, one like any other witnessed in the Western Hemisphere. "It will be a blast back to the Cold War," advises one source. "Castro cadaver will be on display and will take an 'island tour' that will either start or end in Granma or somewhere in Santiago," added the source.

The photo (above) is taken from the Cuban Communist Party newspaper, also known as Granma. The accompanying photo states that workers are "waging a fierce battle" to have the remodeling work completed before the 26 July 06 celebrations in about two weeks. Or is it a celebratory act? "For all we know, they may be getting ready for Fidel Castro's state funeral. If recent reports are to be believed, along with the recent stories about his ill health and no comments from the Cuban government either way, it is possible," added another source. Read the article here.

Either way, we either have a date certain when the Bearded One will make a grand re-appearance - another Lazaurus moment - where he will either be just fine. If he is dead, we may know sooner. If he is ill, we'll still need to wait until 26 July 06. If he fails to appear on that day, or shows up looking like Death is at his door, then we may know the fate of the immediate future of island.

There are some reports that he may be in Montevideo next week.

Stay tuned.

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