venerdì, luglio 14, 2006

Babalu Blog: The persistence of time rumors.

The persistence of time rumors.

We're going on day four of the latest fidel castro is dead rumors. Here are a couple more uncorroborated reports and speculations:

- Hugo Chavez supposedly took an "urgent flight" to Cuba yesterday afternoon along with other high ranking Cuban officials. Details or news accounts of same unavailable.

- Granma once again published articles profiling Raul Castro, heir apparent to the dictator throne.

- WHPC reports that there is much action in Cuba at the moment, with reports from Granma stating that workers are "waging a fierce battle" in attempts to have construction and other related project complete for a huge July 26 island wide celebration. WHPC also speculates that said projects and celebration and construction may be some kind of secret preparations for an elaborate state funeral for the bearded dictator.

- Ive also received unconfirmed reports that castro may not be dead, but suffering from Parkinsons or Alzeimers and not in control of his mental faculties. (natch)

- Several sources have emailed stating that they have been unable to communicate with family and loved ones on the island for several days. Other sources have emailed saying they have been in communication with family in Cuba but have heard nothing of the rumors.

- I personally have yet to hear from certain sources in Cuba via email.

- There have been no reports from local news media regarding the rumors to my knowledge.

Unfortunately, that's all I have that I feel I can publish at the moment without helping perpetuate the rumors. As I've said all along, we have but to wait until July 26 for verification. Should fidel not appear on his holiday, chances are he is either at death's door or begging Satan not to make him recite the Pledge of Allegiance of the US in perpetuity for all eternity.

Stay tuned.

Babalu Blog: The persistence of time rumors.