martedì, luglio 04, 2006

CAFC II, Another Dud? - Western Hemisphere Policy Watch

Part II of a good piece; i like this part:
"if the Bearded One from Havana were to die in office, it is a victory of historical proportions that some of us do not want to allow."

"WHPW Feedback: CAFC II, Another Dud?
A note on the '$80 million' promised in CAFC II. We note that Plan Colombia - initially envisioned investing close to $10 billion - has seen a lot more money from the U.S. than probably any other recent foreign assistance or military program. The drug war, ongoing for 20 years or so, and that Cuba happens to play a role in, is no where near an end. $80 million on scattered groups is no new policy, but more of the same. We would add that there are folks in our government that could put those funds to better use for freedom's cause in Cuba (and with better return on the investment than maybe even Colombia).

(5 Jul 06) We received a flurry of interesting e-mail from readers inside the beltway - the D.C. Metro area beltway that is - about yesterday's posting on the White House Cuba Commission, 'CAFC II, Another Dud?'. Most of them clarified issues and offered suggestions, some downright bitter and partisan, but all of them appreciated.

'You people are shills for the out-of-touch Democrats. President Bush has done more to advance a free Cuba than any recent administration,' said one reader who says he works in the federal government. WHPW Editors observe, as we have many times in the past, the no President, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, has done much to effectively handle the U.S./Cuba policy question."

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