lunedì, luglio 03, 2006

CAFC II, Another Dud? - WHPW

Another interestng clue about CAFC II:

WHPW Commentary: CAFC II, Another Dud?

A quiet and subtle refocus on "regime change," with a PDD to go with it, would be a much more welcome and useful change in policy than another tome or a continuation of war of attrition that we have today.

(4 July 06) The Miami Herald and several other news sources have been reporting since yesterday about a second report by the White House Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba (CAFC II). The first tome was issued on 4 May 2004.

Somewhat up-in-arms about CAFC I, the Cuban regime is already expressing indignation about the CAFC II report and the much-expected confidential annex addressing Track I efforts (i.e., getting rid of the Castro regime measures as called for by U.S. law). If the latter does materialize and is kept confidential, WHPW applauds the Foggy Bottom 'crats for keeping a lid on things. While the existence of such a document, if one even exists, is welcome, one wonders why we need to say that it even exists?

How much of this is smoke-and-mirrors is nothing but a guarded guess at this point. If we were really serious about regime change in Cuba we doubt we would resort to this silly inter-agency process or, a more accurate term for it, exercise in psychological gymnastics. Did we engage in such banter when dealing with Manual Noriega? Haiti? Recent events in Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Asia? No, not really.
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