lunedì, luglio 10, 2006

The “Afghanistan Solution” for Cuba? - WHPW

The “Afghanistan Solution” for Cuba?

(10 July 06) If hope ever sprung eternal, the White House Cuba Commission II report released today, minus confidential section, should not disappoint.

Included in the release is a one-page Compact with the Cuban People and $80 million dollars for democracy assistance to Cuba. No new news. Most of the suggestions are part of U.S. law, have been for years. The Compact, however, caught our attention because it reminds us of, well, Afghanistan.

... The one key difference with the Cuba Compact and the Afghanistan Compact is that, well, WE LIBERATED AFGHANISTAN by use of force, from the Taleban, THEN we initated this process several YEARS later. There were free and fair elections. There was a Loya Jirga. There were many constitutional and democratic processes underway before we offered a Compact.

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