martedì, aprile 04, 2006

KillCastro - A war blog: A QUASI-apology

A QUASI-apology

Last night I heard that Jill Carroll had recanted on everything she had said on video and that she did so due to fear for her life. We fully understand that. I blasted her for it and for THAT I DO apologize.
Now, there was a second interview where she was already free and was still wearing that fucking towel on her head in which pretty much repeated the litany of the video interview. Now on THAT one... I have my doubts.

Her explanation is that she was STILL under threat. Uh? From whom? Who was going to get to her?

Only after speaking with friends, family AND HER PUBLISHER did she recant on the whole anti-American pro-terrorist point of view.

Did she get a slap on the face reality check from those in the biz who told her:


The truth is I don't know. She indeed may still have been in such state of panic, but I didn’t see that in the video taken AFTER her release. In fact she looked rather happy, and kept pulling down on that rag over her head with great care and affection.

Patty Hearst went through a similar situation and after her capture she was not all smiles and chatter but you could see in her eyes she was still scared shitless.

The truth is I do not know. That only Ms. Carroll REALLY knows.

I wholeheartedly believe the "while captured" interview was coerced, the one after the capture seem to be WAY too "from the heart"
So lady ... keep on making some bucks in journalism because your last statement divested you (to some people) of any shenanigans you may have been up to
As for me….; I still HALF apologize, and believe after you got released you THOUGHT you’d become a media darling by bashing the USA and that your boss brought some sense into your VERY confused pursue of your career.

KillCastro - A war blog: A QUASI-apology