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Cubanology, Respect Pride and Honor

Respect Pride and Honor"

By José Reyes 4/28/2006

very country has their own National Anthem that celebrates their pride and honor. The National Anthem, "Here" in America was written by Francis Scott Key. It is a detailed and therefore a "Historical" account of what occurred on September 13, throughout the night and into the day of September 14, 1814. A 25 hour sea to land battle to control Baltimore Harbor between America and the invading English navy, whose intention was to take our freedom away. It was one of the pinnacle battles that eventually drove the English out of America. This Anthem is highly regarded by Americans and is sung before all types of important events. It is a tribute to all the proud Americans who fought and died to preserve the "Freedom" that we are experiencing everyday. The words of the national anthem were from a poem named "The Defense of Fort McHenry" and later named made a song, "The Star-Spangled Banner" and was considered a very patriotic song but it became official as our national anthem on March 3, 1931.

hen one enters any country, from another country, to live there permanently, they should adopt and respect all the customs that particular country practices. They must make it a priority to learn and understand the language and study the history of that country if they really want to be a real citizen of that particular country. There is no reason why one would change or alter the symbolic anthem of that particular country because of an ongoing immigration issue. Although I am partially in favor of the immigrants that have been here only 5 years, I think this demonstration to adopt a Spanish version to the national anthem is the wrong road to take and I feel is very racial also. It's not even a translation of Francis Scott Key, it has different words and different meaning. If you want to be a "Real" American respect the National Anthem and respect the history of America. Remember, the Star Spangled Banner is the American Flag itself, be proud of that and respect it.

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Cubanology, Respect Pride and Honor