domenica, aprile 23, 2006

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20 prisoners of conscience

Not just 20 names, not just 20 faces, but 20 human beings currently in prison for doing nothing more than trying to report uncensored information.

That's right these men are rotting in Cuban prisons, as we speak, because fidel castro can't bear to have the truth about his Cuba reported. I mean what's the point in having "journalists" on your payroll spreading propaganda around the world if a handful of people are daring enough to tell the truth. So there you have it. Look at these faces and think about them tonight when you go to sleep.

When certain political elements in our country try to tell you that "we are losing our freeedoms" remember these men who have never had any freedom and live under the yoke of the same system those "guardians of our freedoms" would have us live under.

More information about these men and what you can do to help at Reporters Without Borders and

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