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The religion of hate - KillCastro - A war blog

KillCastro - A war blog:

Mi faceva un po' schifo commentare che le chiese (sia la cubana che la venezuelana) si stavano adoperando per pregare per castro.

Poi Killcastro se ne'e' uscito con questo titolo...
ciononostante resto restio, astenendomi dal resto.
ripeto, mi fa un po' schifo...: rivolgersi a Dio per intercedere, per salvargli la vita, per perdonarlo dei suoi peccati, per addolcirlo un po'?
QUALSIASI motivazione mi farebbe sputare in faccia a chicchessia, prete o diavolo...

The religion of hate

As Asha Nair puts it, kasstrianism is the religion of hate.
All you need is all the small priests following the steps of the big priest and rallying the masses, that's it, when they are not busy terrorizing them.
They also have a lot of faith in their deity kasstro.
They sincerely think of that fartbag as a sacred entity. Look at the Indio Putumayo and the Indio Cocalero, they are on their way to Cuba, basically to erect a shrine and pray to that Evil entity that is kasstro.
Which brings me to a theological question. It's a sin against the Holy Spirit to even think of a possibility of salvation for Satan. And what do we get now? That the Catholic Church in Cuba has asked the people to pray for the recuperation of the Anti-Christ! The Catholic Church is, once more, turning its back to the Cuban people and aligning with its tormentors, with some valiant exception of priests who have not followed the comand of their cardinal. Needless to say, the future of the Catholic Church in Cuba depends on having more of those priests.
But the Catholic Church is not alone in the spiral of treason.
Reportedly, as they tell me from Havana, also the Afro-Cuban "high priest and priestesses" are asking the faithful for the same. And to top the shame and the sham, the Jewish community elders -the Jewish community doesn't have a rabbi in Cuba-are also asking their fold to pray for the recuperation of the beast.
That influence on the religious life of the island by the biggest enemy of religion in Cuba tells you everything, kasstro is a satanic entity.
His henchmen are faithful that he will return.
His victims are afraid of his return, but their religious leaders want him back, it's the medieval dichotomy of Good at Evil at its best.
The only way that Cuba will be free is when Cubans are relieved of the weight of kasstrianism, when kasstro goes back to the ovens of his father Satan.

Update, from no other than el Granma:
Catholic Church calls for prayers for health of Cuban President

HAVANA, August 4 (PL).—The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba (COCC) called today on its congregation to pray for the recovery of President Fidel Castro, who announced that he had undergone surgery last Monday.

In a letter to all Catholics in the country, the COCC asked communities "to offer prayers so that God accompanies President Fidel Castro in his illness and illuminates those who have provisionally received the responsibilities of government."

Last Monday, the head of state addressed a proclamation to the people in which he provisionally delegated his functions as the head of state and government, the Communist Party, and the Revolutionary Armed Forces to First Vice President Raúl Castro, due to health problems.

He also delegated his functions in heath, education, and energy conservation programs to other governmental authorities.

Due to stress from excessive work and activities in the past weeks, the leader suffered an acute intestinal crisis with bleeding that required surgical intervention, according to his own words in the July 31 proclamation.

Regarding this, the Catholic hierarchy stated that "the delicate state of health from which the President is suffering (…) constitutes an especially significant moment for our people."

"The Catholic Church, as part of this community, shares this concern and the petitions of all its followers," continues the text, at the same time invoking the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre.

To the Cuban Patron Saint, continues the communiqué, "We confide everything that concerns us at this time in our country’s history with a profound wish for peace and fraternal coexistence among all Cubans."

The document, which the COCC asked to be read out next Sunday at masses offered around the island, also alerts that the prevailing stability and social harmony in Cuba "cannot be disturbed by any internal or external situation."

This amounts to utter cowardice and servilism of the lower kind towards the tyranny.
Not to mention that it is deeply insulting to all religious Cubans, and it's a slap on the face of the Cuban Patron Saint, la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.