venerdì, agosto 04, 2006

While I'm on the subject of comments - from Blog for Cuba

Emozionante racconto, che mostra l'aroganza e la prepotenza dei Cubani.
A cui aggiungo la nota che infatti Cuba e' un'isola senza vele...


My Weblog: While I'm on the subject of comments: "While I'm on the subject of comments

Check this one out from John Hussey in response to 'the fear factor' post below:

'I take my case against Fidel a little more personally than most. In Nov. of 1985 I was the 1st officer on a rather large and very well equipped yacht being delivered from Jamica to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The owner was the former U.S. Ambassador to Jamica and he was onboard as Captain. We had strict orders to pass no closer than 14 nautical miles to the coast of Cuba. We were in the Old Bahama Chanel and a large vessel, I don't remember if it was a tanker or frieghter but I do remember that it was Liberian registered, had just passed between the Cuban coast and us. Our two new Decca radars (24 and 48 N. mile) showed us to be 14.1 and 14.0 nautical miles out and the 'big ship' was about a nautical mile shoreward of us. From behind the cover of the large ship came a Cuban patrol boat. I called the Capt. and asked for permission to turn to the north and run at flat out speed. Permission given! We were about 15 mautical miles out when the Cuban gunboat caught up with us and proceeded to pass seaward of us and then turned on us and try to hail us. They then tried block out passage and to turn us toward the Cuban coast, we assumed, with the intention of forcing us into Cuban waters. We stayed on a due north course until the gunboat uncovered its' deck gun and pointed it at us, at the bridge and at ME. The Capt. then ordered me to turn to toward the coast and proceed at 'bare steerage'. We were 12.2 nautical miles from the coast when two U. S. Navy jets came in a deck level and supersonic speed and saved us. We went north and the gunboat went directly toward the Cuban coast. So my hatered of Castro and everything he stands for is a very personal thing. After the Castro government pointed a 50mm deck gun at my head, from that day, I promised my self that I would someday spit on his gr"