sabato, agosto 05, 2006

Medical evaluation.... - KillCastro

Una chirorga americana si e' presa la briga di esaminare le varie informazioni cliniche e tirare una specia di diagnosi a distanza: vi rassicuro subito: la prognosi e' infausta.
Stavolta cito solo Killcastro (che dalle sue fonti ha ricevuto piu' o meno le stesse info) e blinko direttamnte alla dottora...
KillCastro - A war blog: Medical evaluation....: "critical evaluation of the surgery performed on kasstro written by Dr. Lisa Marcucci. He claims that this is doing the rounds in the net, and if you see the comments, yes, it's doing the rounds in the nets. I just checked around, and some blogs are carrying this information, plus a few forums and chat groups. Good, now the veil of mystery is being lifted, at least a little corner of it.
The funny thing is that while I was writing this, two more e-mails carrying the same information arrived into my mail box, one of them was sent from Cuba from one of our sources in the medical profession, the same source that has kept us updated with the real issues of kasstro's health. This report proves our source right."