giovedì, agosto 17, 2006

Left-Right debate at Babalu Blog

Babalu continua a lanciare i suoi giri di opinione, questa volta sul significato destra-sinistra; io ho detto la mia:
You put it right:
chavez (castro, zapatero, hitler, etc) force people to extremes, because they need inconditionate support; and this is true for Berlusconi too; this means that they use the force of an "idealism" more than of a pragmatic evaluations.
"Collectivism" fit this, as commie, socialist, islamist, fascist, etc.
A liberalist not, for definition.
What happens is that if you "vote" for a collectivist scheme, this wipe your right to change your mind, because the "collectivism" don't relay on your INDIVIDUALISTIC support.
It's simply a trap: avoid this crap.
Babalu Blog: Labels