giovedì, agosto 10, 2006

From la habana, a (alarming) text file - KillCastro - A war blog

KillCastro - A war blog:

Getting a text file from like a third hand is always an adventure.
Specially when it comes with fresh news from Havana.
I've translated a few comments that we can use, after confirmation:
1- The military 'fortification and tunnel system' in Havana is open for business. There's some movement of men and equipment.
2- People who work in computer related fields found new co-workers: people from the ministry of the interior are looking closely at internet communications and file exchage within Cuba among Cuban nationals and the foreign press.
3- Construction has stopped virtually everywhere. The only construction sites that are open are related to the military or the G2. We had reports of demolition of some buildings but the only confirmation we have now is that some buildings in danger of falling were demolished.
4- raul is still MIA or AWOL, people don't know. So much for respecting the Cuban people, nobody bothers in give them any explainations of anything.
5- Tourist hangouts have been filled up with goverment agents possing as tourists. Tourists and journalist are object of surveillance.
6- The 'peligrosity law' is been applied to people as young as 15.
7- Many gas stations are closed.
8- People are waiting for an official announcement from one moment to the next, either from whoever is in charge or from the U.S.
9- TV Marti is as always, non visible.
And that's what I got that is confirmed.
On the other hand, all of this lead us to believe that there's somebody or a group of sombodies in charge. Who are they? That's kind of a mistery.
We have been told that some people from the old guard are under house arrest, but that has not been confirmed by anyone. I personally don't believe that to be true, and I think that many rumors are actually started by the government as a desinformation tool."