sabato, agosto 19, 2006

Carter: Sympathy for the devil::By David Limbaugh -

Carter: Sympathy for the devil

Want to know where the Democratic Party stands and where America would be under their leadership? Just ask Jimmy Carter. Carter is certainly not bashful about bashing the United States, even on foreign soil or to the foreign press. He sat for an interview with Der Spiegel recently and fired with both barrels at President Bush, "fundamentalist" Christians and Israel. But do Carter's views represent those of the Democratic Party? Well, he sure seems to think so. More

Geniale questo titolo per fare un impietoso ritratto del "peggior presidente gli stati uniti abbiano mai avuto" non lo dico io, e' una citazione dell'articolo.
Intutile epro' cercare riferimenti a castro oltre che la fto, non ce ne sono. Ma la foto parla per se...