venerdì, agosto 04, 2006

After Castro - Gwinnie Dyer, Jamaica Cleaner via Killcastro

Killcastro punta questo interessante articolo sulla possibile unificazione Cuba-Venezuela da parte di un gironalista inglese, ma pubblicato in Jamaica.

the only people currently in a position to affect the outcome are the senior officials of the Cuban Communist Party. None of their alternatives is ideal.

Brother Raul is not a viable long-term option: he is too old (75), and he suffers from a drastic lack of charisma. There is a younger generation of dedicated Communists, people like Vice-President Carlos Lage Davila and Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, but they aren't exactly pop stars either. For almost half a century Cubans have been incited, flattered, thrilled and scolded by the incendiary rhetoric of the 20th century's most articulate revo-lutionary, and he is a hard act to follow. But there is Hugo Chavez.

La mia antica fissazione comincia a diventare popolare, in questo caso addirittura Chavez e' chaimato CASTRO'S REPLACEMENT: messa nel classico punto di vista "british suona cosi':

A formal link between Cuba and Venezuela, with Chavez as joint president, would give the regime in Havana new ideological impetus by appealing to the old Bolivarian dream of a unified Latin America. It would give Cuba more access to Venezuelan oil, Venezuelan financial aid, and perhaps even the modern arms that Venezuela is now buying from Russia.

Chavez would be a sucker for such a proposal, partly because it would appeal to his own Bolivarian dreams and partly because it would drive the U.S. Government crazy.

Semplice, no?
E io che per due anni non sono riuscito a esprimermi cosi' semplicemente, che rabbia...
Ma soprattutto mi restano in mente gli insulti e le derisioni dei venezuelani a cui mi intestavo di farlo capire.
Che idioti.